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Before you decide to make use of our webinars and the information provided on our website, you are obliged to take note of the following disclaimer and risk warning:

- Our offer is for information purposes only and is aimed at people who wish to obtain personal information and further education on the subject of cryptocurrency. The use of or reliance on the information we provide is at your own risk.
- Our information does not constitute a call to action and/or an invitation to use the services described.
- We do not provide any form of advisory service. In particular, but not exclusively, the content provided by us does not constitute financial advice, investment advice, trading advice, investment advice, tax advice, legal advice or other advice. We are therefore not liable to you for any economic, legal, tax or other damages that you may incur in connection with the acquisition or possession of cryptocurrencies.
- Nor do we make any investment recommendations or give any form of assurances, guarantees or promises of any kind regarding profit expectations, performance or other returns in connection with cryptocurrencies.
- We also do not sell and/or broker cryptocurrencies, either directly or indirectly, ourselves or via third parties.
- We are not liable for the occurrence of the desired success that you wish to achieve with the implementation of the information provided by us.
- All hyperlinked websites and their images (screenshots) in the information we provide represent third-party content and are in no way connected to us, for which we accept no liability. Links to third-party content also do not imply any connection with or support by these third parties.

Finally, please note that the cryptocurrency market is highly VOLATILE and EXTREMELY SPECULATIVE and that holding or trading cryptocurrencies carries a significant risk of loss, which may result in a substantial loss in a very short period of time and, in the worst case, a TOTAL LOSS of the value of the cryptocurrencies held.
Within the framework of the laws, official opinions or jurisdiction applicable to you under your national law, it is possible that obtaining, holding or trading cryptocurrencies is not legally permitted or only permitted with permission.

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